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Recently, the online fashion cosmos has gained a real hot spot address: a virtual shop that specializes exclusively in accessories of small, fine, international niche brands, insider tip labels and newcomers and labels, or on Evergreen collections of famous designers and rare original vintage pieces. A platform that offers women accessories with the special something and sends you on a trip to the fabulous world of clutches, shoppers, chains, bangles, earrings, hats & co. is the place to go for women with a sense of extraordinary accessories, for fashionistas with a taste for individual style for the adventurous nomads with an eye for the special. "Only one accessory determines the style of a woman. By the small difference each look can always be different and make it look totally new, "says MyStylecatch-founder Joshi Gerstmair, who wants to bring the special something to every woman. Joshi Gerstmair just found this independence exciting. "The level of awareness of the accessories that we offer is not great," said the fashion expert. "We do not follow the mainstream. And that is our niche. This is our DNA. " - Very cosmpolitan

Whether cast bracelets made of resin with diamond dust, Shoppers with that ethnic-style made of velvet with leather handles and beaded fringe or Clutches with leo print and wolf head buckle and royal blue silk lining, the MyStylecatch world of accessories is full of surprises. There are collectors' items and rarities with character and soul, but often they come from factories in which the craft is kept high. "We support small, exquisite craft businesses worldwide. I order manageable quantities for several labels, so that we can show the entire range. If the demand is high, the individual pieces can be reproduced at any time, "said Joshi Gerstmair whose research for pieces with the special something is more like a treasure hunt all over the world. Gerstmair spent many days and nights at international trade fairs in Paris, Milan, London and New York. He pounds flea markets and has a worldwide network of vintage shops. For this purpose, he is searching every night, hour after hour on the World Wide Web for new collections, leafing through international trade books and magazines in search of the famous cult pieces and maintains contacts with ladies of the international society. "I follow no short-term trends, but rummage for unusual things with high "style returns". There's a fine line, on which I move, "says Joshi Gerstmair. "But a very exciting one."